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New Sci-Fi/Drama Short film coming shortly.. " I Am Us " !

Few weeks ago in Berlin () we had finished shooting new short film ,

called " I Am Us ".(working title)

The shoot was planned for 4 not full days, (2 full ones and 2 half days)  and included such amazing locations as old, ruined and abandoned Russian Hospital (actually as somebody told us an old abandoned TB clinic campus and recently location of shooting the Hollywood blockbuster "The Monuments Men" ) The complex has some amazing tunnels underneath it, which spanned some amount of hectares, right in the middle of the forest ! We had also shoot in subway (actually train), apartment(just a small Berlin apartment) and a Chandelier Shop !


Some stuff about bit and depth and other technical mumbo.

On the last shoot that we did here in Berlin for an up-coming sci-fi/drama short, the producer (which sometimes is an exceptional cameraman, etc.) asked me to explain to him what is the difference of 8-bit depth and 10-bit or 12-bit for that matter. I did answer it probably in some fast manner, disregarding how important my answer can be on the future of our short film. So I dig into it a little bit deeper..

Some technicalities, we shot on 5D Mark III, and the conversation was regarding RAW or no-RAW. 


8-bit depth per primary color is equal to 256 shades or levels per primary color, of Red, Green and Blue = 16,777,216 colors (color resolution)

also an 8-bit pixel x 3 colors = 24 bits 

10-bit color is equal to 1024 shades of Red, Green and Blue = over Billion colors

12-bit color is equal to 4096 shades of RGB = 68 billion colors

So basically comparing 8-bit to 12 bit in this manner is similar to comparing Commodore C64 with today's Apple Mac Pro (the desktop version !)

Ever wondered what can you do with just some under-lit iPhone video ?

Ever wondered what can you do with just some under-lit iPhone video ?

Well, quite a lot, I must say. This was the fifth time that I used iPhone, iPod or smartphone video for Professional final product (either edit or shooting wise). Yes, ok, we all shoot, with our smartphones hours and hours of footage, some that we just throw away at the end of the year, some we keep, some we even post on-line. But how about using this very, gritty, specialy unflattering look to the advantage of the final product/video ?

FromTheRoofs.com, was a short project, for 20 to 30 second long video,shot using iPhone (during the night) with also some additional photo footage.

Agency: THE STORY (story-digital.com)
Photography: Evgeniy Yakushev
Edited by W.R. Dobraczynski (wirdo.eu)
Camera: iPhone 5
Music: Takin Yo Time ( The Wingman Mix )" by Loveshadow (feat. Brad and Audiotechnica) is licensed under a Creative Commons license (2.5).


Officially The Site Is Alive !

After many weeks of hunting around and trying to fix the un-fixable hosting problems, that I had from quite some time, I can finally rest and sleep before 04:00am, Cause the site is here and is Alive ! 

I hoped to concur something more simplistic then the previous site, so from now on there will be one show-reel and you will be finding out about the new and past projects from the onsite blog. I feel that this way it will be much simpler, faster but also closer to you, an occasional visitor and also it will be provoking me to update and curate blog entries much closer, hopefully bringing something of interest to anybody who wish to plunge into the reading of my posts.

So, 24th of September 2013 is official Birthday date of this site and let's hope it will survive a lot more then just her second birthday

I welcome you and hope to hear from you soon, either in comments, mail or just plain in person.

p.s. I do hope to post at least one entry each day, but don't take it as promise, just as a  wish. 

today, well yesterday's premiere of short film " The Big Bad Sheep "

As it happens from time to time after shooting a short film, A Premiere !

This one is for the film under the title " The Big Bad Sheep "

directed skillfully by Paris Patsouridis !

The premiere took place in Athens International Film Festival " Nyxtes Premieras " (nights of the premieres, for those wanting to know)  on 20th of September.

Trailer Included ! 

You can read much more about the movie and the premiere on the official facebook site : 


With this special occasion I wanted to express my Gratitude to everybody who contributed to making this film possible, by the way there were quite a few Amazing talents over there, watch out for them in the near by future.

So, check the titles, the crew, the facebook page, like what you like and hopefully soon you will have the unique experience of watching it somewhere on the big screen, hopefully I will do to.


Another Berlin based project comes to the end of post-production - "The Fortune Teller"

In January this year(2013) I had the pleasure to shoot one of my first Berlin based short films, called "The Fortune Teller" directed by Matteo Tonarelli.  

We had shot it on RED One camera, after contemplating over the problems we had with fitting RED Epic with Cooke MKII zoom which weighted almost 5 kg and combined with RED it was over 12 kg, thing that made the camera difficult to handle and impossible to fit onto remote head on the rig we had.

and here is the trailer from the long awaited "The Fortune Teller " 


and a small Intro-Teaser: